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Do you want to work professionally as a certified stylist and personal shopper? The Style Academy offers programs based on years of experience and strong roots in the industry, we take you to the next step and guide you forward in a world of fashion. If you want your business to be able to offer a service beyond the ordinary, we will tailor a program for you.

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We help you navigate in a world of style

The Style Academy has educated stylists and personal shoppers since 2016. Today we offer courses and lectures for people who want to work in the fashion industry, clothing stores, companies, magazines and many more.

Our lecturers are always in demand with strong ties to the industry and share their knowledge and experiences in order for you to make the most of the program.

Personal Styling

Personal Styling part 1: 13th of February, 2023

Personal Styling part 2: TBD, spring 2023

Our course Personal Styling is for those who want to work with e.g personal shopping in a department store or start up their own business. Part 1 gives you the foundation with subjects such as basic style, body shapes, customer care, the fashion history and sustainability. Part 2 gives you an advancement of the subjects and deep dives within Personal Shopping, styling methods, event clothing, dress codes, client lists and how to start your own business.

This course is also available online.

Fashion Styling

Fashion Styling part 1: 7th of November, 2023

Fashion Styling part 2: TBD, spring 2023

Fashion Styling is a course for those who wants to work in the fashion industry with styling for editorials, TV-styling and the red carpet. In this course you will learn about the fashion industry, designers, stylists, sustainability, the future of fashion and e-commerce. Part 2 of the course gives you a more in depth knowledge about trends and forecasting, vintage styling, communicating through clothes, and vintage styling.

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"The most fun was to get to try out being a stylist. It was so great to get an answer straight away if you did a good job or not, which you see when your first customer buys something."
Felicia Ahlberg - Personal Shopper/Student
"Det roligaste var att få testa på att jobba som stylist inom branschen. Det är väldigt kul att man snabbt får facit ifall man gjort ett bra jobb eller inte. Med det menar jag, om du har en kund i provhytten som faktiskt handlar någonting."
Felicia Ahlberg - Personal Shopper/Student
"You get to learn how important the first personal meet with a customer is, that it's an individual that you are going to become quite close with. But you also lear to have humility towards your customer"
Emma Glittmark - Stylist
”Man får lära sig hur viktigt det personliga mötet är, att det faktiskt är en individ som du ska ganska nära inpå. Man får lära sig ödmjukheten att ha mot kunder”
Emma Glittmark - Stylist
”I would recommend the programme to anyone who is interested in styling, clothes, shopping and personalized service. Style Academy works with clients and how to build their wardrobes in an inspiring way"
Ann Sköld – Make-up artist
"Jag vill rekommendera kursen till alla som är intresserade av styling, kläder, shopping och personlig service. Style Academy jobbar med kunder och hur man bygger kundens garderob på ett inspirerande sett.”
Ann Sköld – Make-up artist
”I have learnt so much about my own style and how to think in regard to how I dress as well as keeping up to date on how to dress others depending on their body shape which is perfect for my profession as a blogger and social media influencer.”
Gertrude Tornvall - Influencer
”Jag har lärt mig jättemycket om min egna stil och hur jag ska tänka när jag klär mig men även ha koll på hur man ska klä andra efter deras kropp, något som passar perfekt för mitt yrke som bloggare och arbete med sociala medier”
Gertrude Tornvall – Influencer
"I recommend Style Academy to people who already work in the industry and who want to further develop their skills or people who want to get a good start in the industry."
Linnea Stensland – Stylist/personal shopper
”Jag rekommenderar Style Academy till personer som redan jobbar inom branschen och som vill vidareutveckla sin kompetents eller personer som vill få en bra väg in i branschen."
Linnea Stensland – Stylist/personal shopper
”Jag rekommenderar Style Academy till personer som redan jobbar inom branschen och som vill vidareutveckla sin kompetents eller personer som vill få en bra väg in i branschen."
Linnea Stensland – Stylist/personal shopper

News and inspiration

Here is a collection of news about fashion events, inspirational articles, and information from us at The Style Academy. Here you can, among other things, scroll back and read interviews with our former students, lecturers, and much more.

Clients and partners

Here are some of our current and previous partners. For 10 years we have created long-term relationships with our customers and partners and are proud of the collaborations we have had over the years.