Interview with Lisa Rogalin

What made you start Style Academy?

We were ourselves in need of hiring more stylists to NK Personal Shopping and I was careful in making sure that everyone who worked there had the same knowledge base.

I myself have worked with styling over the years and taken several courses. Many great stylists that I have worked with are self-taught but work differently so we created our own programme with the knowledge that you need when you are first getting started. The programme is meant to be an intensive springboard for those looking to work in the fashion and styling industry.

What is unique about Style Academy?

That we are always active in the business and that the programme is based on knowledge that is well founded and up to date, just like our guest lecturers.

How long has Style Academy been around?

The first class at Style Academy was offered during the autumn of 2016 and is offered twice a year if we have the time.

Do you have any plans to create a part 2?

Yes, there are plans for this as there is so much that we want to teach so I hope we will be able to offer part two in the near future.

How long have you run the Personal Shopping at NK?

I started the Personal Shopping at NK in 2010 under the name Rosenrummet.

What is the best part about being a stylist?

To analyse a person and by choosing clothes for them see how they are lifted and shine in their own personal style.

Where do you think that your interest for fashion comes from?

It began early and was awoken by my grandmother who had many a tailored evening dress.

Beautiful ballgowns that were tailormade for her by NKs Franska Damskrädderi and Märtaskolan.

That´s where my first interest in fashion came from but also for design and craftmanship.