Rebecka – interview with a previous student

Who is Rebecka Rosengren?

En 22 årig tjej från Kalmar, som har ett stort modeintresse och älskar att få utlopp för sin kreativitet. I spend my free time at the moment doing sewing projects, cooking and having coffee with friends. And before the pandemic I would be exploring the world!

What did you study in high school?

First the Social Science Programme but during my second year I change to the Media Programme.

What do you do these days?

I have recently finished a course in colour theory at Textilhögskolan in Borås. Now I am working as a content creator where I create content for a company’s Instagram account while also working with my own social media channels. I am also looking to move forward in my career as a stylist.

We have seen that you are a blogger, what can you read about on your blog?

On my blog its mostly about fashion! Outfits, shopping tops and trend watching. Make-up and beauty are also one of my interests so there is a great deal of that too. But also, a peek at my personal life!

What is your background and why are you into fashion?

I grew up with a very fashionable and inspiring mother! She sewed her own clothes when she was young and has always had an interest in fashion. It has really rubbed off on me! I used to love it when we would go into the city and shopped together or when I would walk the catwalk in our living room, haha!

Fashion has been a way for me to express my creativity without words. I don´t follow a certain style, instead I dress depending in my mood and what I think looks good. Fashion should be fun!

Is there anyone or anything who inspires you more than others?

I draw inspiration from everything regardless of where I am and can be inspired by just about anything! It could be somebody I meet on the street, my friends, a spread in a magazine or a celebrity.

What can´t you be without in your wardrobe?

My leather jacket!! An incredibly timeless and useful piece of clothing.

When did you realize you wanted to be a stylist?

When working with my social media I have been given the opportunity to be a model for campaigns for different companies and during the shoots I gained insight into the work behind the camera. That´s where my interest began!

What was it about being a stylist that intrigued you?

During the shoots I have seen how people who work as stylists have been able to express their creativity and dream of working in fashion. That´s when I thought that that´s what I want to do. But I have also seen the challenges that come with the job and it is not as glamourous as a lot of people think. That encourages me!

What would your dream assignment be?

Oh wow, I´m not sure! But I have always dreamt of styling award shows and tv-programmes.

What are your visions for the future of the fashion industry?

That it will become more sustainable. It is about reusing fabrics and think about the consequences that the fashion industry creates for people. We learnt a lot about that during the programme.

Why did you choose Style Academy? What made you want to enrol in our programme?

I have been following Style Academy for quite a while before applying and the reason that I chose this particular programme was partly because of its great reputation. But also become I had such a great gut feeling when I visited their website and read about their goals and visions for the programme. I immediately thought that this is something I want to do.

Can you tell us a little about what you learnt during our programme?

During the 6 Mondays we learnt so much! Everything from basic styles to body types, fashion history, and colour to how to take care of clothes in the best possible way and how to be more sustainable.

What was the best part about the programme?

The best part was without a doubt that I got to beet people every week that share my interests. But also, all of the knowledge that I took with me and the lecturers we met. I love that Style Academy has dedicated so much time to inviting interesting and relevant guests like Sara Biderman, Ann Sköld, Swedish Fashion Council etc.

What has the programme given you?

So so much! I have made great friends, gained so much knowledge, experience and more confidence regarding fashion.

Who would you advise to apply for our programme?

f you have a passion for fashion and a dream to become a stylist or personal shopper then apply! You won´t regret it.

How did you find our programme?

On Instagram!

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Instagram: @Rebeckarosengren