After The Style Academy: Emma Glittmark

Emma Glittmark

2018, Emma Glittmark studied at The Style Academy and has since worked with everything from ‘tv4 talang’, artist galas and TV productions to being the personal stylist of the artists Wiktoria and Lisa Ajax. We got the chance to interview her about how she started her career and what advice for you who wants to become a stylist.

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Five years ago Emma Glittmark moved to Stockholm from Gothenburg and she then applied to The Style Academy. When she heard about the course, there was only one place left, so there were no doubts about it.

”It was meant to be

Before the course, Glittmark had taken a stylist-oriented program in high school and then started working as a buyer within a clothing company. The Style Academy gave her the in depth knowledge we needed to be a stylist as a profession.

”You get to learn how important the personal interaction is, that it actually is an individual that you will get very close to You learn the humbleness to have while dealing with your customers” Emma tells us about the course.

She also says that all customers of course have different styles and tastes. She has both dealt with customers who have a strong vision of how the result should be, and also customers with no expectations at all. Something Glittmark thinks is important to remember is that sometimes customers have insecurities. Therefore, styling can get very personal and something that has to be handled with care.

Preperations for the music video recordning
From the recordning of artist Wiktoria and her song OMG

”Something that gotten much use of [from The Style Academy] are the basics of color, body shape and style. When you have those you can know ‘She is that kind of person and usually likes this’. You can analyse customers when you have that knowledge.”

After The Style Academy course, Glittmark got the oppurtunity to assist a stylist that worked with everything from personal styling to magazine shoots. Getting a taste of everything that belongs to the stylist profession is the most optimal for creating a network of contacts in the industry and learning as much as possible, she believes.

”I would strongly recommend assisting an established stylist that you think is interesting”

After a while of assisting stylists, Glittmark started her own company and begun taking on her own customers. Through her new network she got in touch with a music artist company that needed help styling their artists. This job included styling for photo shoots, the red carpet, music videos and much more.

”Then everything came by itself and I kept on going by my own”

The most fun, according to Glittmark, is working with artists and the personal interaction it entails.

”You create a relationship to one another, and then notice just how much you get back when your customer is satisfied”

Many of those that stylists work with can alone be very creative, therefore Glittmark think it’s important to have good communication and have a distance to your styling. The customer should be comfortable with telling you if they don’t like something.

”it’s is personal being a stylist while it’s something creative which you have created, but I think it’s important to not take it personal if someone doesn’t like a dress or a color […] You will have to try again and again”

‘OMG’ music video: Click here

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