What she wore – Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid has always caught our attention, both in front of and behind the camera. With her dazzling outfits, we always get to see the hottest trends and new ‘up and coming’ designers. The girl with the eyes of the whole world on her, here we look through her attire in the recent weeks.

Bring back the ’70s

A few days ago, Bella’s childhood friend had her birthday, which we got to see on Bella’s instagram. Every time the top models clique of friends has a party, we know that their extraordinary outfits will create a buzz.

The supermodel made her entrance with her chocolate brown dress with an open back together with white square boots and a vintage Prada with a leopard pattern.

And now, the ’80s?

Wearing an Emporio Armani velvet jacket and a smokey-eyed makeup, she advertises her own beverage brand Kin Euphorics. The concept is an alcohol-free and soothing drink that can be a substitute of alcohol. Bella’s has spoken about her alcohol use when she started in the industry. 

“I had to be at work at 7 a.m. and somehow go out the night before. It wasn’t sustainable.”

– Bella on her previous lifestyle.

Coffee run…

A small top paired with low-rise pants is a look we see quite frequently on Hadid. Paired here with a trench-coat and black boots.


Handmade and coarsly knits is something we see everywhere at the moment, and Bella wasn’t late to hop on the trend. In the middle of winter she wore this bright yellow and pastel to brighten the day. Mixed here with a lot of jewellery, that she also fastened in her hat.

Ready to go!

Of course, even a Hadid can dress casually. Here we see her with Hailey Bieber on their way home from the gym. The narrow sunglasses are something we have seen a lot of from the model elite.

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