Highlights från NYFW 2022

A fashion week in the shadows of a pandemic.

Perhaps you have already seen a lot of posts regarding the fashion shows or the street-style pics from a cold Manhattan? Even if fashion week today has developed to a perfect occasion to get some self promotion, the shows are always the centre of attention. With a packed schedule from the 11th-16th February we have seen Helmut Lang, Christian Siriano, Ulla Johnson, Coach and Micheal Kors. Here we have collected some highlights from New York Fashion Week 2022 and also how it is to work as a runway stylist during it.

As a stylist it is a heavy job assisting at a show, although there are some stylists who are specialized at runway dressing. When the big fashion houses has a show, you can be certain of a huge team with several assistants, runners, wardrobe people and so on. But during smaller clothing brands fashion shows, there might be only one stylist that manages everything.

“You have a couple people who do bags, a couple people who do shoes, a couple people who do jewelry, a couple who do knitwear, a couple people who do leather,” Levy says, referring to those people whose job it is to pull and match specific accessories and determine fits. “Whereas [for a smaller brand,] we literally do everything ourselves, across the board.”

The Zoe Report

The stylist’s job is to communicate and enhance the companies style and DNA during the show. This can be achieved by very subtle tools that create a look which the audience directly connects with the company. Even if the designer or creative director is in charge of everything at the show, the stylist will have an utterly important place in making the event something to remember.

During the pandemic many clothing brands had to adapt to the digital version of fashion magazines and fashion shows. Even now, when the restrictions has eased, a few brands wants to continue with the digital tools of communicating fashion, while some are also back to normal. Here are a few of our absolute favorite moments from NYFW 2022!

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