Felicia – Personal Shopper

Felicia is the girl who worked in New York, launched her own jewelery brand Nomi design and has now become a certified stylist via The Style Academy. After the course, she moved back to Manhattan, where she worked with her jewerely brand and her boyfriends clothing brand Grand Le Mar. After that Felicia became a part of NK Personal Shopping.

Welcome to a conversation about the job at NK Personal Shopping

Picture: Felicia Ahlberg

How did your interest for styling start?

I have always had a big interest in styling, but above all for styling. It’s been interesting since I was a kid.

How come that you applied to The Style Academy? 

I have wanted to work with clothes and styling since childhood, I worked in a restaurant but felt that I wanted to get a foothold in the fashion industry somehow. During covid, there where many companies that did not recruit, so I had to find another way in. That’s when i found The Style Academy, and I immediately felt – that’s where I’m applying!

You have worked with us at NKs Personal Shopping, would you like to tell us a little about that?  

I completed my distance education in New York, where I worked with my boyfriend and his clothing brand. Since Yasmine (Coordinator at The Style Academy) also have lived in New York, we had some contact during that time. I told her that I was available all summer and would love to help out at the Personal Shopping. Coincidentally, help was needed and after that everything went very quickly.

The day after I got to come in and see how the stylists worked. I got to accompany Nina from start to finish. Soon after I took my first client, and since then have I been working at NKs Personal Shopping. I have done a little bit of everything, both taking clients and also helped assist.

What did you learn from your first client meeting?

That it is important to pay attention to every little thing the client mentions. Everything from “I’m looking for a dress with spagetti-straps” or “I don’t want a v-neck”. I’ve noticed these small comments have a tendency to be forgotten during the first interviews. You have to be observant ant note even the smallest thing that the client says. That way, when you’re in the dressing-room you’ve made sure that you present the client with suggestion that fit their original description.

What has been the most rewarding with working at The Rose Room?

Being able to actually work as a stylist in the industry. It’s so much fun getting the feedback from clients and seeing the result of a job well done when they shop the garments that I pulled for them. I also enjoy suggesting items that the clients themselves would not have picked out, and they end up feeling comfortable and pretty in them. That is extremely rewarding.

Besides working as a Personal Shopper, I got to work with clothes and learning about all the fashion brands, which is great fun bot for continued work as a stylist and for personal pleasure.

How was the experience of pulling clothes at Nordiska Kompaniet?

Väldigt lyxigt! Jag har inte jobbat som stylist på något annat sätt än som personal shopper på NK, men jag kan tänka mig att det nästan är lite bortskämt. Alla varumärken är samlade på samma ställe och man kan bara gå och peka på det man vill plocka ner. Till skillnad från ifall man jobbar som stylist inför en plåtning, där man behöver kontakta företag och plocka från olika butiker. Det förarbetet slipper du, då du endast går upp på en avdelning. Det känns både lyxigt och bortskämt att jag fick chansen hoppa in i det med en gång.

Man får också upptäcka en hel del nya varumärken. Man får som en intensivkurs om vad de har att erbjuda, priser, passform och mycket mer.

Vill du precis som Felicia, utbilda dig till stylist? Style Academy kommer ge dig både grunderna för modestyling och det kreativa ögat för att lyckas inom modevärldenLäs mer eller ansök idag! 

Varmt välkommen till Style Academy