About us

The Style Academy

Rosenrummet by Invited AB was founded in 2010 at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm by Lisa Rogalin. Today the company has several areas in which we work, both as consultants and concept agency, running NK Personal Shopping and The Style Academy.

At our Personal Shopping you will find a carefully selected team of stylists with longstanding experience and knowledge. The stylists help and guide our clients to find their personal style and to enhance their best attributes. Together with the client we create a well-coordinated, sustainable and personal wardrobe that works for every occasion. Our goal is to create a long-term and useful wardrobe that is easily combined, teach the client how to avoid buying the wrong products and to create a longstanding relationship with our clients.

In addition to concept development and education in the field of personal shopping and service we offer a large selection of programs and courses, lectures for both companies and individuals. Contact us for more information or to tailor a solution that suits your needs.