The Style Academy – Become a Personal Shopper & Fashion Stylist

The Style Academy launched our first program in 2016 in order to ensure quality, knowledge and service level for those wanting to work in fashion and styling. The program was launched based on our own need of stylists and personal shoppers with greater background knowledge. With tried and tested our experience from the industry and we work both theoretically and practically to ensure that you get the best results.

We have two unique courses at The Style Academy, Personal Styling and Fashion Styling. Within these courses you will get an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge within the subjects you need to be able to work in the fashion industry.

The courses are divided in a part 1 and a part 2. You can also choose part 1 in both courses if you do not know which area you want to work within yet. To be accepted to part 2 in any of the courses, you have to have completed part 1 first, or if you have taken a course at The Style Academy between 2016-2022, you can apply directly to Personal Styling Part 2.

We educate those who:                        

  • want to work professionally as a personal shopper and stylist
  • want to work within TV, magazines, commercials etc.
  • are looking to ensure quality and educate their staff as well as drive sales in store
  • wish to learn more about building their wardrobe, and offering this service to clients.

We tailor programs and lectures for stores, individuals, companies, magazines and many more.

If you have any questions about our programs or would like to contact us to now more, please read our Q&A (link) or email your request to

Read more about our lecturers here

The program is finalized with a practical and theoretical exam that need to be passed in order to receive a diploma.