Tailored programs

At The Retail Academy, we offer tailored stylist programs for both larger fashion chains as well as smaller stores to educate staff in personal shopping and the stylist profession. Regardless of whether you choose to educate only a few or an entire core staff there is ample opportunity to develop and increase sales in your store. Service and knowledge are important competitive tools in the industry and most chains and store today offer added values such as personal shopping.

Personal shopping creates an important personal relationship between store and customer, increases the average purchase and is loyalty building. The customer saves both times, receives quality service and avoids miss-purchases while having an experience that many see as an added sense of luxury in their daily lives. The service can be the difference between a part-customer and a full-customer where they can receive help in exploring the entire selection of your store with the help of an expert staff. The service has been seen to increase sales by at least 3-4 times in comparison to a purchase made without a personal shopper.

Are you in need of stylists or personal shoppers for your store, event or any other occasion? Our stylists have extensive experience in styling and personal shopping. Regardless of whether you are looking to bring in a Personal Shopper for a short-term period to boost sales during one special evening, or if you want to try to find a long-term partnership we are here to help.

Contact us to learn more and find out what services or arrangement would suit you best.