Personal Shopping and Personal Styling

The Style Academy’s Personal Styling is a course which gives you the knowledge on how to work with customers as a personal shopper or personal stylist. The course gives you a thorough walk through of the subjects you need to know to start your career as a personal shopper. We teach you everything regarding basic style, color theory, body shapes, material, styling, sustainability and much more.

For us, it’s very important that the course is both practical and theoretical, so that you can practice the things we teach. We also hold a strong anchoring with the fashion industry with inspiration and knowledge from well thought out and relevant lecturers. The education has, from the start in 2016, been very popular and is constantly evolving to be current. This course is available to take online.

Next course starts on the 13th of February 2023

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The course is divided into two parts, Personal Styling Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 goes through the basic topics you need to start working as a Personal Shopper or Personal Stylist. Part 2 is an in-depth course for those who want to develop the knowledge you gained during Part 1 and broaden your knowledge within the subject. The education ends with a practical and a theoretical exam that must be passed in order for you to receive your diploma.

If you have previously studied with us at The Style Academy (between 2016-2021), you can choose to participate in Part 2.

Course length: 35h lesson time per course, approx. 12h own work per course.
Day and time: Mondays 10am-5pm
Start Date Part 1: 13th of Febriary, 2023
Start Date Part 2: Spring term 2023
Location: Online
Head teacher: Lisa Rogalin & Linnea Stensland
Course materials: Included
Diploma: Personal Shopper & Personal Stylist

Part 1


In this course, we go through the basics for you who wants to work with personal shopping and personal styling. Among other subjects, we will go through:

  • Basic styles
  • Body shapes
  • Color theory
  • Fashion History
  • Clothing care and sustainability
  • Styling
  • Wardrobe Planning
  • Makeup

Part 2

  • In this advanced course, we dive deeper into topics for those who want to develop as a personal shopper and personal stylist. Among other subjects, we will go through:
    • Menswear
    • Pinning and altering
    • Underwear and bras
    • Start up & Marketing
    • Client lists
    • Wardrobe Planning
    • Dress codes
    • Parties and weddings

The course fee for Personal Styling is SEK 47,500 including VAT per part. If you wish, you can choose to pay the course fee via Klarna or Svea Ekonomi, but you can also pay with an invoice.

If you wish to pay the course fee in installments, you must be at least 18 years old, be free from payment remarks, and have been registered in Sweden for at least one (1) year.

No other costs will be added for the course.


If you wish to have the course fee invoiced to your company, let us know in your application or contact us for more information at

Do you dream of working with fashion but don’t really know where to start? Our course will give you a strong foundation to stand on before you take the next step of your new career in fashion. Training to be a fashion stylist with us at The Style Academy begins with you submitting an application. We will then contact you to book a follow-up interview. The interview takes about 20 minutes, you get the opportunity to tell us more about yourself, your experiences and your future plans, but also ask us any questions you may have.

We see that a strong interest in the fashion industry is the most important characteristic for you who wants to attend the course. Previous experience is an advantage but not a requirement.

We have a limited number of places for each course and we attach great importance to the groups being dynamic, developing and innovative. The network that you get with your classmates is an important part of the process and we are happy to see that the groups keeps in touch even after completing their course.

Selection for the course takes place on an ongoing basis, so be sure to send in your application for the next course opportunity today.

Many of our former students at The Style Academy have progressed in the industry and today work in different areas. Some of our previous course participants today work with Styling at e.g. NK, H&M, NAKD, Zalando and PR agencies, or have started their own business.

The course gives you the opportunity to build a strong network in the industry and a good insight into how our lecturers work in their areas. Some of our former students today work as freelance stylists for various projects such as music videos, cover photography, and personal shopping assignments.

We have also helped students to have the opportunity to assist at, among other things, Melodifestivalen, fashion shows, look-books, and Netflix productions.

100% of our students would recommend the course to a friend.
100% of our students think that the course has met their expectations

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